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Junk Monsters Guide To A House Clearance

Planning and making time is key.

Planning the time needed to perform a house clearance will ensure everything else goes smoothly. A good rule of thumb is for two people undertaking a house clearance to allow ½ day for each room (and for these purposes a small garden equals one room) that needs to be cleared.

It might seem a lot but, like most things in life its not as easy as you might think and time goes very quickly at what can be a difficult time with sentimental items.

Decide what to keep and what to junk

Once you’ve allocated some time in your diary for the house clearance, the next stage is to go through everything to decide which items you and your family wish to keep, which you want to sell or give away, and which items are good only for the bin.

Categorising items in a house clearance is a good idea , go round the house room by room and label everything that you see. Items you want to keep items for sale, items for charity and items for the bin try to be as ruthless as possible. If you have more items in the keep section maybe you should get someone a little more objective to help, the next step is to shift items around the house so that those items are grouped in the same place. Always start by putting the bin items together first – because it doesn’t matter if you damage these when moving them around and it will leave you with a decent amount of space to manhandle the good stuff into once you’ve finished.

Estimate how much stuff you have for your house clearance

That’s the really difficult bit done. But before you pick up the phone to arrange for us to complete your clearance you need to work out how much stuff you have.

An easy way of estimating volume is to think in terms of a standard domestic skip. How many standard skips – the 6-yard type, one commonly seen outside a domestic building site – do you think your stuff would fill this? Armed with this key fact, walk around each room and make a note of how many skips each category would fill. You don’t need to be super precise, just estimate to the nearest half skip. Things like old flat back cupboards, can often be broken down to take up less volume.

Once you’ve done this it is then time to call in the professionals like us at Junk

Monsters to clear your property.

Arrange for the house to be cleared

You should now have volume estimates for things to keep, things to donate or sell and things to bin. Dealing with each separately

For specialists that can help Which trusted traders  is a great place to start. They provide useful information on all types of companies, including contacts of which companies operate in your area. Members are regulated and required to meet certain high standards – so you won’t be dealing with cowboy operators.

Alternatively, you could hire a van and do it yourself. You’ll certainly save some money this way, but on the downside moving stuff (especially furniture) can be a lot of hard work and take a lot of time.

Sale & donation

The web is a great place to sell unwanted household items; the best-known channel is eBay. Whether you’re selling a Van Gogh or a comic book, buyers love to ask questions! So prepare yourself for a very full inbox.

More bulky items are probably best sold through a local auction house or 2nd hand furniture dealer. Check your local paper or yellow pages for names of local operators, and if you’d like an idea of value before delivery, emailing them in advance with a few digital photos often helps.

Local charity shops receive most things other than electrical appliances and furniture that does not have a current fire-safety certificate.


DIY – as with traditional removal, if you have the energy and the time, disposing of junk is something you can do yourself. Depending on the amount, you can either cram it all into the boot of your car or hire a van to take it to the local tip or alternatively call your local council to arrange a bulky waste collection With council collections, remember it typically takes a week or two to arrange and collections tend to be from outside the premises only. A sort of in-between solution is to hire a skip. The skip is dropped off outside the premises and you fill it. Skips are charged at a flat rate and require a skip permit (and possibly also a parking suspension) from the council if parked on the road. Prices vary widely depending on the skip size and the cost of any permit and parking suspension.

Clearance & disposal companies – the easiest solution is to contact Junk Monsters we clear, load and dispose of everything you need to get rid of, from single items to multiple truckloads, from anywhere on the premises. Junk Monsters charge according to the amount of junk cleared, and turn up at a time that suits you and we also reuse and recycle wherever possible. Alternatively, there is a myriad of waste contractors and man & van type operators that can be found on Google. If you decide to opt for one of these before making a booking, please always ask for a reference, proof that they are properly licensed to carry waste, and confirmation that their employees are properly insured against any damage caused to your the premises.

And that’s it, clearance complete! Hopefully this has helped you gain some idea of the process and what’s involved.

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