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Local family run business

Junk Monsters is a professional local family run business established in 2014 and servicing Bristol and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured House clearance and waste management specialists. Junk Monsters are proud to be Which Trusted Traders giving you that extra reassurance we are a company you can trust.

Our Ethos has always been to provide a professional customer experience whilst trying to ensure unwanted items does not always mean waste. Many irems customers no longer want or need can be donated, repurposed or reused and continue on for years to come.



Do I have to sort my items or put them Outside ?
In short no. This depends on the service you are booking. If you are booking Waste collection or small item collections, If the waste / item is easy accessible and ready to go this can reduce your collection cost. If Waste is left sorted in terms of material, eg a kitchen that’s been changed and the old one needing pick up if the materials are mixed this takes us longer to sort and load, if the materials are left in piles of wood, then tiles, plasterboard, brick Etc then this speeds up the collection again reducing collection costs, but we don’t expect all customers to want or be able to do this and rest assured whether you want to keep costs down or don’t have the time to sort things junk monsters can work with whatever suits you best.
House clearances work differently to general clearances we work by visiting the property and discussing the exact needs for each client.
What happens to my items when you have collected them?
Once collected your items are taken back to our warehouse where we will inspect them to see if they can be reused, repurposed, upcycled or donated if none of these are viable for the item then it will be recycled where possible, all items that cannot be saved will be disposed of in a responsible manor at a legally licensed transfer station.
What items don't you take?
We are not able to take anything that is hazardous, in liquid, gas or chemical form.
Eg paints solvents petrol’s etc. If you are unsure please don’t hesisate to ask.
Why do certain items cost extra?
Some items such as mattresses and tv’s or tyres incur an extra charge, these charges are due to the responsible disposal processes such items must go through to ensure the correct and most environmentally friendly end to your products life. These charges are not for us to make profit but cost we are charged additionally for responsible disposal of these items if they cannot be donated or reused.
What is a which trusted trader ?
Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises reputable traders.

Which? has been testing products and services for more than 60 years. Now they are doing the same for traders. The Which? Trusted trader icon is a sign of reputation and trust.

Which? Trusted Traders aims to raise standards for consumers, by setting a benchmark they expect all traders to meet before they can be endorsed.

How do I pay?
We can take payment by card on the day of collection, cash, chq or BAC’s transfer.
Are you fully licensed?
Yes. We take what we do very seriously. We pride ourselves on being fully licensed and insured. We are always happy to provide this information to customers on request.
Do I need to be at the property/ site for collection?
No, you do not always need to be on site or at the property for collection, we have helped may clients over the years by collecting keys prior to house clearances or meeting clients for initail opening and the arranging to return the keys post clearance. If items are ourside and accessible with permission we are happy to carry out the clearance without the need for our client to be present. We have carried out many self storage collections with no need for clients to attand again providing consent is given this is not a problem. We will always do our best to limit the time and inconvinenience on all collections and work with clients to find the best solutions.

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We cover Bristol and surrounding area including Chippenham, Weston Super Mare, Bath and Chepstow.

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