How It Works

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Welcome to Junk Monsters, the stress free way of clearing the unwanted junk from your life. At Junk Monsters we are dedicated to our customers and to improving the environment.

How Junk Monsters works

  • Step 1: make an enquiry or give us a call to make an appointment.
  • Step 2: we will arrange the best time to collect your junk.
  • Step 3: we will arrive on the day and time agreed and start the clearance.
  • Step 4: junk loaded and cleared, sweep and tidy up.
  • Step 5: take payment, and off on our way to recycle and reuse all your unwanted junk.

To Discuss Our Services Please Tel: 07592 506 003
or Email Us:

Address: 36 Peache Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 5RW